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Domain Tutorial

This document describes how you could use your own domain name '' with DyNS.

Using your own domain in a few simple steps
  1. Change the nameservers of your domain to and You should ask the company where you registered your domain name (the registrar) for instructions on how to change this. Normally, this can be done with a web console in a few minutes, but this depends from registrar to registrar.
  2. Add the domain name '' to your DyNS account. This can be done by selecting the Premium DNS link in the DyNS member DNS console, just after you logged in. After clicking this link, you can enter your domain name.
    Type only the domain name '' , and not '' !
  3. Congratulations. You just added your domain to your DyNS account. Now, you can use your own domain for any service, just like you would use one of the free domains ( ,, etc.)

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