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Dynamic Forwarder Tutorial

This document explains what a Dynamic Forwarder is - and how to use it.

What is a Dynamic Forwarder?

It it a clever combination of a Host and a (Static) Forwarder. It allows you to put up a webserver on your ADSL or modem connection on any random port.

If you're trying to experiment with running an own webserver, but your ISP blocks port 80 (the HTTP port) - you were out of luck. Nobody would have been able to contact your webserver via a regular URL like But now there's the Dynamic Forwarder, that allows you to do exactly this !

The thing that will happen when a visitor types in the name of a Dynamic Forwarder ( like ) in his browser, he is redirected to an url like this: , where s your current IP address, and 8090 is a port you may choose.
You need to use the same technique as when using a host to update your IP address.

When would I want to use a Dynamic Forwarder?
  1. You need to get a webserver running
  2. Your ISP blocks port 80 for incoming requests
  3. You have a dynamic IP address assigned by your ISP ( ADSL - cable modem - regular modem )
How do I create a Dynamic Forwarder?

First of all , you need to choose a hostname that you want to use. some examples are:

  • You click the link 'Create new' in the section 'Your dynamic URL Forwarders' of the member DNS console.
  • enter the prefix of your name in the first box (sam)
  • select the desired domain name in the drop-down box (
  • enter the page title. This title will appear in the title of the window when users surf to the hostname you just entered.
  • enter the port number you wish to connect to. This is the port you must configure your web server to listen on. It must also be an open port. Usually an ISP doen not block ports > 1024, so any value between 1024 and 65535 will do.
  • press the 'create' button.

Congratulations, you just created a new Dynamic Frowarder! The Dynamic Forwarder will now appear in your list.

How do I keep the IP address of my Dynamic Forwarder up-to-date ?

Take a look at the documentation of a host. There you will find all the information on how to keep your IP up-to-date.

Some remarks on the use of a Dynamic Forwarder
  • You can only use this forwarding trick with the HTTP protocol - so it will only work for web content
  • A dynamic Forwarder is not a port forwarder.
  • You cannot use a Dynamic Forwarder for running another kind of server ( like a mailserver ) on a different port.

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