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Forwarder Tutorial

This document describes what a forwarder is - and how to use it.

What is a Forwarder?

A Forwarder is an alias for a difficult to remember, or otherwise obscure URL where you have some website content stored.
When a visitor surfs to the URL of the forwarder - he will be redireted to the obscure URL.

An example: can be an alias for

When would I want to use a Forwarder?

You can use a Forwarder if you want to have an alias for your website URL. It is a permanent name. If you decide to switch providers, you can simply change the destination URL of your forwarder.

Note that forwarders only work for websites. Any URL that makes sense when you type it into the address-bar of your browser can be used by a Forwarder.

How do I create a Forwarder?

First of all , you need to choose a hostname that you want to use. some examples are:

  • You click the link 'Create new' in the section 'Your static URL forwarders' of the member DNS console.
  • enter the prefix of your name in the first box (airplanes)
  • select the desired domain name in the drop-down box (
  • enter the page title. This title will appear in the title of the window when users surf to the hostname you just entered.
  • type in the destination URL. This is the location of the web content you want your users to see when they surf to the hostname.
  • press the 'create' button.

Congratulations, you just created a new Forwarder! The hostname will now appear in your list of Forwarders.

Try it out immediately!
Open a new browser window, and type in the hostname you just created! You will now see the content of the URL you typed in when you created this forwarder

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