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1. What happened to the 'dynamic domains' ?
    The dynamic domain service has been removed from the service offering.
    You can do all your DNS zone management here, so there is no need to run your own nameserver at home.
    All the subdomain names (like have been released from the database, which means that you can register them again as another type.
2. Will you put a banner on my URL-forwarder ?
    We don't put a banner on your URL forwarder. If you use an URL forwarder in one of your own domains, this will certainly remain this way.
    If the bandwidth cost exceeds our limits, we will put banners on the free URL forwarders to pay for this.
3. Is it only for dynamic IP's ?
    Actually not. You can create a hostname, give it an IP address, and leave it that way. So you can create a hostname for your static IP addresses too.
4. Can you host my website ?
    No. We're not an ISP. You can get free webspace all over the net. You can use our services to redirect surfers, customers to your website!
5. Can I have a 'cloaked URL' with my URL forwarder, and what is a cloaked URL anyway ?
    Yes you can have a cloaked URL. Actually, all URL forwarders are cloaked.
    This means that the actual URL of your page is hidden. The URL bar in the browser says '' even though your page's URL is ''
6. can I add a MX record ?
    Nope. If a MTA cannot find an MX record for the domain '' , he looks for an A record for the name ''. So you can have mail delivered at your home by creating a dynamic host called '' and have it resolved to your home pc's IP address.
    Maximum plexibility would be achieved by creating an A record as described above, and switch the aliasing feature on. Everything for your domain then goes to your IP address, and you can setup your own email server , web server etc.
    For more info on the issue of MX records, see RFC 2821, section 5.
7. How do I update a dynamic forwarder?
    Just like you would update a host.
    Enter the hostname in your favourite client of the dynamic URL you would like to update.
    Users will be redirected to this URL: http://yourIP:yourPort/
    You can define different virtual webservers on different ports on your machine to serve multiple websites from home.
8. After I added my domain, my hostnames don't seem to work immediately
    Changing the nameservers at your registrar's place can take up to 48 hours to complete. This means that although DyNS immediately registers your domain name in it's DNS servers it can take some time until your domain really works. (max 48 hours). Good news is that this delay only takes place once. Once the global nameservers (the so called root-server) are aware of the changes you made, all updates on the DyNS console are effective within 30 seconds.
9. I cannot register a .de domain ?
    It appears that a .de domain is impossible to register, because they require a minimum TTL for the DNS servers. You will get these kind of errors from their side:
    == SERVER == serial is shorter that 6 digits serial is not in YYMMDDxx format SOA value expire (300) does not fit in range [604800 ...
    3600000]. SOA value retry (300) does not fit in range [1800 ...
    28800]. SOA value refresh (300) does not fit in range [10000 ...
    == END ==
    Unfortunately we cannot do anything about that.

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